A 23xSize, Hard Level Grid Crossword

This is a sample crossword to demonstrate the maximum possible grid size with maximum number of questions fit in it with default configuration.

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Posted by Super User in General. Created on 7 years ago.
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1 Sky in this blue color when it is calm
2 Seven days
3 Two or more substances that are mixed together but can be easily separated.
4 Without government
5 Open source language for web development
6 Government controlled economy
7 Rules of conduct
8 Hair colors mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide
9 Permanent colors come in the form of ____
10 The color which is also name of a fruit.
11 The apple is not ripe. It's still _______
1 A unit for measuring volume.
2 Hair colors mixed with developer to create chemical change
3 The amount of material that an object has in it.
4 Very skilled person
5 Popular blogging software
6 Secong biggest populated country
7 One of the biggest software company in the world
8 The color that is produced when you mix red and blue.
9 Young Owl
10 Many bears are this color.
11 Conclusion
12 It's the color of gold.
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