A course on the movies from Marvel Cinematic Universe

To complete this course, you need to answer 3 modules and score at least 6 out of 15 marks in total.

  • Each module contains 5 questions and carries one mark each, no negative marks.
  • You need to score minimum of 2 marks in each module
  • You need to score minimum 6 marks in all 3 modules to get the certificate
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A course on current affairs focused on India and around Asia Pacific

This is a course on the current affairs, more focused on India and the Asia Pacific regions. The course contains 3 modules of which all modules must be completed before awarding the course completion certificate.

  • Each module contains 10 questions of 1 mark each
  • To pass a module, you need to secure at least 5 marks.
  • To complete the course, you need to score at least 15 marks.
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