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    Conditional Rules - Demoed

    • 911 responses
    This survey explores you through the conditional rules feature available in the Community Surveys extension. Conditional rules allow you to add skip logic for questions and pages...
  • 245

    Student Assessment of Learning and Teaching

    • 245 responses
    A sample survey to showcase Likert scale type questions
  • 249

    Demo survey to showcase all question types

    • 249 responses
    This is a sample demo survey to showcase all question types available. We will concentrate on showing you the different question types. Each question type has many different...
  • 170

    Likert-Scale Survey

    • 170 responses
    This survey showcases the Likert-scale type surveys by using choice - radio question type. These are the list of questions that takes the feedback on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10...
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    Multislider demo

    • 9 responses
    This demo survey is to showcase multisliders.
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